Hello 2023!

New projects are coming, stay tuned!!

NDLC 2022: Getting closer!

The Big Day is coming! Within the special programme organized by the people from La Nuit de la Culture in Esch-sur-Alzette, I will be presenting my first big-format installation: E3

A multi-sensorial journey where your choices will decide the outcome of the visit. Every single visitor will have a unique experience, since free will is the one driving! Contrasts of feelings and sensations, which every visitor will be able to express by the end of the visit in the big Artistarium.

Check more and the full programme here !!

Hoping to meet you there, you will be more than welcome to join!

See you in Esch !

Neptune Blues reviewed by RadioAirplay.com

Overall Impression:
GelinGarcia and Andrea MG collaborate take listeners on an emotionally charged and musically chill journey into deep space with their original track, “Neptune Blues”!  Atmospheric electronica supports soulful vocal tones as “Neptune Blues” reveals a thoughtful lyrical exploration of cosmic loneliness and reflective healing.

Strongest Point(s):
For an amateur effort, there’s quite a lot working well in this track!  Subtleties in the sound design set a strong sense of atmosphere from the very first moments, using atmospheric frequencies and carefully applied reverb and delay to create an all-enveloping spaciousness in the sound.  The main guitar riff provides a stellar counterpoint to the light percussion at the core of the groove, both parts grounded nicely by full and immersive bass tones.  Andrea MG’s vocals enter the scene with a burst of color and character that immediately enliven the experience and give it personal depth and resonance.  Each of these elements are well-considered and applied in their own rights, working together to leave a really promising first impression!

Target Audience Appeal:
Fans of independently produced electronica will be able to hear the telltale signs of growth and development in the writing and overall mix of “Neptune Blues” while the heartfelt and soulful singing at the track’s topline brings a certain magnetism that’s sure to resonate among many!  Listeners with a passion for the Indie Chillout and EDM scene should keep an ear out for more from both GelinGarcia and Andrea MG respectively. – Jon W.

Artist target suggestions:
The xx, SOHN, Broken Bells, Jon Kennedy, Mecca:83, Sneaker Pimps, Guts, Nicolas Jaar, Tommy Hools, Waldeck, Joy Malcolm, RJD2, Booka Shade, Opiuo, Russ Liquid, Idealism, Dathan, Roger Molls, Morcheeba, Galt MacDermot, DARKSIDE, Free Flow Flava, Thievery Corporation, Zero 7

About the Reviewer:

Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Working with musicians and their individual sounds is his passion and profession, and he strives to interact with and understand every aspect of the production process – from theory and songwriting to recording and mastering. He continues to teach students of all ages and is currently collaborating with artists across a wide range of genres.

You can watch Neptune Blues’ Videoclip here:

My new album “Milkyway Diaries” already out!

Listen here to my interview at Radio Costa Esmeralda with Russell Simoni about Milkyway Diaries (in Spanish):

Entrevista RCE 15/10/2021
After several months of work, I have reached yet another milestone in my art career: my first music album.

The journey of an imaginary astronaut across our Galaxy, who keeps music memories of all the things discovered and experienced along the way.

6 tracks of electronic/chill-out beats, including an amazing collaboration for the presentation single "Neptune Blues", with the great singer Andrea MG make this debut album a great source of price for me.

"After having listened to hours and hours of music my whole life, I wanted to finally create something of my own". 

Heavily influenced by the likes of Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode or the Café del Mar remixes, Milkyway Diaries represents a spiritual journey across the stars and planets of our very own Solar System.

You can listen to it already in platforms:
iTunes/Apple Music

100-Unit Limited Edition Vinyl Press already on pre-order!
Buy your vinyl copy on my Etsy Store, don't let go, there are only 100 units available!

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Neptune blues is already live!

I couldn’t be more proud about this… Infinite thanks to the amazing Andrea Martínez Gutiérrez​ for adding her beautiful voice to this project!
Here is the clip for #NeptuneBlues, which will be part of my new music album #MilkywayDiaries, available on platforms from 21/9/21.
Listen to it here:

music #clip #video #GelinGarcia #Andrea_MG #MilkywayDiaries #videoclip

Much stuff going on… NDLC 2022

Pandemics dcan’t stop inspiration, so a huge project is starting to take form, for the special occasion that is the City of Esch-sûr-Alzette being 2022 European Capital of Culture.

Within the special artistic programmation, there will be 4 “Nuits de la Culture” (1 per quarter). I will be taking part on 1 of them with a very special project, a very sought after one, on which I have been dreaming of for a very very long time…

Not much else can be anticipated now, since it’s still on early stages, but stay tuned! Much much interesting stuff to come!

A small, but notless important footnote, is that I am preparing my first music project within this bigger dream I dreamt…

More to come!

NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens

Great news!! I am launching a new collection of NFTs in rarible.com

EN: Art will always be art, but the ways people see, enjoy and interact with it are changing. Therefore, it’s about time I started creating my first NFts collection. A 194-piece series of digital postcards from all the countries in the world.

That’s why it’s named “WoN – World of Nifties”. Blockchain-based digital unique tokens hat you can collect. Unique digital art pieces that you will own exclusively, and you will be able to enjoy everywhere, as long as you have your phone, tablet or laptop with you.

Welcome to a new era in art displaying and collecting. Welcome to the future. See Gallery.

ES: El arte siempre será arte, pero la manera en que la gente lo ve, disfruta e interactúa con ello está cambiando. Por ello, ya era hora de que empezara a crear mi primera colección de NFTs. Una serie de 194 postales digitales de todos los países del mundo.

Por eso he llamado a la colección “WoN – World of Nifties” (Un Mundo de Nifties). Tokens digitales únicos, basados en la tecnología Blockchain, que puedes coleccionar. Piezas únicas de arte digital que pueden ser tuyas exclusivamente, y de las que puedes disfrutar en cualuier parte, mientras tengas contigo tu móvil, tableta o portátil.

Bienvenid@ a una nueva era en la exhibición y colección de arte. Bienvenid@ al futuro. Ver Galería.