FotoOKYou probably never heard of him, and that´s OK, nobody is born famous in Comedy, unless your last name is Seinfeld or Chapelle. Unfortunately, Garcia is such a common name, he decided to use it anyways just to make it harder to reach the top.

Gelin Garcia, born in Andorra in 1983, has performed all arts, except Dance, discipline that despite of his claims, he´s way too far to master anytime soon.

For the rest, he did his first individual painting exhibit at 17, he has done several photography exhibitions, collective and invidivual, he directed his first short film in 2011 and did a sculpture individual exhibit in Madrid in 2017.

After moving to Luxembourg, he started to flirt with comedy writing, and finally he took the leap, making his debut in Stand-Up in March 2018, with a relative success (nobody died during the show, and Garcia wasn’t even heckled or injured during the performance). After that, he’s played some more acts and now he’s preparing his first one-man stand-up comedy special, which will be performed pretty soon.