Much stuff going on… NDLC 2022

Pandemics dcan’t stop inspiration, so a huge project is starting to take form, for the special occasion that is the City of Esch-sûr-Alzette being 2022 European Capital of Culture.

Within the special artistic programmation, there will be 4 “Nuits de la Culture” (1 per quarter). I will be taking part on 1 of them with a very special project, a very sought after one, on which I have been dreaming of for a very very long time…

Not much else can be anticipated now, since it’s still on early stages, but stay tuned! Much much interesting stuff to come!

A small, but notless important footnote, is that I am preparing my first music project within this bigger dream I dreamt…

More to come!

NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens

Great news!! I am launching a new collection of NFTs in

EN: Art will always be art, but the ways people see, enjoy and interact with it are changing. Therefore, it’s about time I started creating my first NFts collection. A 194-piece series of digital postcards from all the countries in the world.

That’s why it’s named “WoN – World of Nifties”. Blockchain-based digital unique tokens hat you can collect. Unique digital art pieces that you will own exclusively, and you will be able to enjoy everywhere, as long as you have your phone, tablet or laptop with you.

Welcome to a new era in art displaying and collecting. Welcome to the future. See Gallery.

ES: El arte siempre será arte, pero la manera en que la gente lo ve, disfruta e interactúa con ello está cambiando. Por ello, ya era hora de que empezara a crear mi primera colección de NFTs. Una serie de 194 postales digitales de todos los países del mundo.

Por eso he llamado a la colección “WoN – World of Nifties” (Un Mundo de Nifties). Tokens digitales únicos, basados en la tecnología Blockchain, que puedes coleccionar. Piezas únicas de arte digital que pueden ser tuyas exclusivamente, y de las que puedes disfrutar en cualuier parte, mientras tengas contigo tu móvil, tableta o portátil.

Bienvenid@ a una nueva era en la exhibición y colección de arte. Bienvenid@ al futuro. Ver Galería.